The earth and its seven continents

First continent: Africa

„Africa, the dark colorful continent“ is the first part of a bodypainting series that will show us the seven continents of our earth.

On this adventurous trip we want to demonstrate the opposites and contrasts of nature and the human beings who are living together.

Africa – The dark colorful continent.

To begin with, we show the human portraits of „young and old“ contrary to „aspiring and wise“. According to this the migratory birds hoopoe and bee-eater represent the bridges to other continents, due to their freedom to move in the air.

As a contrast we show the sedentary mammalians cheetah, giraffe and rhino that live in well-tried schemas.

To bring out the contrasts even more we have used complementary colorings, from earthy and sandy with indigenous graphic elements to colorfulness with a combination of blue and yellow.

At this first station of our journey round the world we have artistically combined the ambitious, dynamic youth with the proven, wise down-to-earth attitude.

Models: Annemarie Jost, Michaela Glawischnig
Bodypainting: Wieser Art
Make-up: Andrea Helmel
Photos: Oswin Eder

Portrait „Jung – aufstrebend“
Farbenfroher Kontinent
Portrait „Alt – weise“
Dunkler Kontinent